Trehernes On the Wings of a Dove

Trehernes Summer Breeze Debut X BF Muskokas Walkers Bay 

AMHR pending ~ Foaled March 5, 2006.

"On the wings of a snow white dove, He sends His pure sweet love,

A sign from above, On the wings of a dove..."

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March 12:   Our first baby has arrived, and she caught us by surprise as she was a month early! Her due date was April 7, but this tiny miracle filly arrived on March 5. She was incredibly small, with only fine silk over most of her body rather than a normal foal coat. 15" tall, most of which is legs, her eyes were not even open yet, and at two days her weight was just 5.2kg! We felt this filly was just too early to survive, but she was breathing alright, had a strong sucking reflex and seemed very determined. Unable to stand long enough to nurse, we put her on a bottle, and she had a very difficult time digesting the colostrum from her dam, which we are told is common with preemies. However at two days we switched her to foal replacer, and she is nursing well so far. She has had a trip to the vet where she was weighed and recieved some i.v. fluids as she appeared a bit dehydrated at one point, and now appears to be gaining strength, functioning fairly normally, and is as saucy as any foal we have had here. She is a week old today, and we are holding our breath with each additional day. She has a bird shaped marking on her back, which prompted us to name her "Trehernes On the Wings of a Dove", although the vet insists it looks more like a hawk! : ) Dove is beginning to proportion out properly as she grows, and while we don't take her survival as a given, she seems to be holding her own. She is our first foal by our tiny 26.50" bay stallion, and her dam Breeze, is the first mini foal ever born here at Treherne Farm, which makes Dove our very first second generation baby!


March 17:    Dove visited Shelley and Catherine at the vet's office today and got weighed. She now weighs 6.1 kg. She is eating like a little piggy, and is walking, trotting, cantering, bucking and kicking! She has had her tiny hooves rasped for the first time, and has little soft vet wrap "slippers" that let her walk on the tile floor without slipping. She loves her new feet! Dr. Frits and his daughter stopped by for a visit yesterday -  thank you!! : )  Have you any advice on how to convince her she is a horse when it is time to move out to the barn???

March 25:  Another trip to the vet's office to be weighed yesterday. Dove continues to grow, and is the epitome of mischief! She had her first walk outside the day before yesterday as the weather was mild. She was not sure what to make of the cold snowy ground, and seemed quite pleased to come back in the house. She will however be gradually introduced to outside, the barn, and other horses as she grows, and as the weather improves. Thank you to Shelley for the lovely coat which will fit Dove when she outgrows the current one!

News about Dove has gone far in the last week. People have been telling other people, and we have been receiving emails about her from around the world. Thanks to all of you for the prayers and good wishes, and a special thanks also to those who have emailed with suggestions and encouragement based on their own rearing of orphan/bottle foals.


 April 2:  Dove is now four weeks old. She is five days away from what would have been her "due date", and she seems pretty much like any other foal now, apart from the fact she is bottle fed, and still has no teeth. She has got a nice coat now, though it is not as thick as a normal foal coat, but she doesn't usually need to be blanketed any more. We had a bit of a scare with her when she developed loose stools earlier this week, (at her size diarrhea could quickly become serious) but it seems to be due to a bit too much milk replacer. The vet suggested a bit less milk, alternated with an  electrolyte solution, and this seems to have done the trick. We are so grateful to Dr. Frits for his care and advice with this filly. (I think Dove thinks she owns him and his office and staff as well as us, as she sure makes herself at home there!) She is down to two hours between feedings, and hopefully soon we will actually get a short night's sleep!

Dove is getting a bit more exercise outside with the snow finally going away, and she has a new playmate! Adah, our second filly, and Dove race each other all over the place until they are both worn out.

The emails continue to pour in from literally all over the world! Dove has touched many hearts, and we have received so many wonderful letters of encouragement. Thank you all so much! A few have suggested that Dove would be a good horse for therapy work, and we have had this thought also. I work with the developmentally delayed, and have sometimes brought the individuals to the farm to visit with the animals. My program manager had given me the go ahead last year to begin a visitation program with some of the minis, and though we had a particular horse in mind, Dove will undoubtedly be a natural to step into this job when she is older. 

April 9:  Five weeks old, and having just passed her actual "due" date, Dove continues to do well. She loves to be out in the warm sun, and play with Adah and whatever other two legged playmate will run around with her. 

April 14:  Almost six weeks old, and Dove's first teeth are finally through! She is beginning to nibble milk pellets and hay a bit now. Her bottle feedings are down to every three hours, and we can finally get some sleep, as whoever has the night shift for foal watch, also does the night feedings.

April 21:  Dove is learning what grass is, and is really stretching those little legs now. A person sure couldn't keep up with her when she decides to run! She has new playmates, as there are several new foals here. We will be getting her weighed next week, and will update her growth chart.

April 26:  We had our weigh in this morning, Dove is over 26 lbs! The eight week mark is this Sunday, and if you had asked any of us on the day she was born, we would not have believed that we would be celebrating her two month birthday! We have never been so pleased to be proven wrong : )

~Dove's early growth chart~

March 7 15.00" 5.2 kg / 11.4 lbs
March 17 --- 6.1 kg / 13.4 lbs
March 23 17.50" 7.4 kg / 16.3 lbs
March 31 18.25" 8.1 kg / 17.8 lbs
April 26 19.50" 12.1 kg / 26.6 lbs

April 28:  Sometimes things happen that really make you do a double take! We had another beautiful filly last night, and there are two more foals coming very soon I think, so mare stare continues. Randy had first watch last night, and during this time visited the Canadian Airborne Brotherhood site. Randy served two tours with the Canadian Airborne Regiment in Service Commando. He was reading the Military News items, and what did he find?, but a link back here to this page, sent to Jim Steed (owner of the AB Brotherhood site, and the father of a former AB buddy of Randy's) by a person in Montana, who commented that "the person holding the foal is wearing an Airborne shirt."

As I have already mentioned, news about Dove has gone literally right round the world, and every now and then we hear of some new message board that has posted a link to this page, but finding it on the Airborne Brotherhood as "news" was just too funny! Welcome to members of the Canadian Airborne Brotherhood! (Click to visit the AB Brotherhood site.)

May 20:  Dove has now lived in the barn for two weeks! She is quite content in her stall, and goes out to graze and play with the mares and foals, and the yearlings, but seems to have been adopted by Ruby, our tiny three year old filly. Ruby runs and plays with her and Adah, and stays with them while they are outside. In addition to hay and grass and her milk replacer, she is eating Omolene 300, and timothy/alfalfa hay cubes which have been crushed and soaked. She is solid and healthy, and quite content with the other horses, though she still gets plenty of attention from her human family also. We feel that when the other foals are weaned at the end of the summer, Dove will be a completely normal member of the group!

June 3:  The warm weather is here, and Dove has had her first clip. We were so anxious to see what was under that incredibly thick coat, as bottle babies are notorious for being skinny, but we were pleased to find that Dove is a good weight, not fat, but not too thin either. Unfortunately with the warm weather also come the bugs, and Dove spends a fair bit of the day in the barn to avoid the blackflies. Once they are gone she will be able to be outside most of the time.

June 13:  Dove along with Adah, visited Jordan and Mike's year end BBQ with the 204 Algonquin Regiment - Royal Canadian Army Cadets this evening. They took it all in stride and wandered around visiting with everyone. In between our visit with the Cadet Corps and picking the boys up when it was over, I ran into Wal Mart for a couple of things. The car with two little horse faces looking out of it attracted quite a bit of attention, and Randy was pleased to show old and young alike, "his girls" : ) Everywhere we go, people are so amazed at how tiny miniature horses are. Dove and Adah just loved the attention.

September 1:  Despite good intentions to keep this page updated through the summer, I seem to have arrived at September after a very busy summer, without updating this page, or the website in general for that matter, for some time. Dove at six months old, has grown a bit these past weeks, but slowed down and in comparison to the other foals who have had the benefit of their dam's milk, is fairly tiny. We hope that her progress though slower, will continue steadily....not that she would ever be a very large girl with her sire being only 26.50". She is as cheeky as ever, and still demands attention as well as her bottle, which she will receive for awhile yet. Dove's coat is coming in thick for the approaching cooler weather, and she is beginning to resemble a small spotted buffalo! Very huggable! : ) 

December 25:  Dove's first Christmas! Sporting nice little silver antlers and bells, she and Adah looked quite seasonal nibbling their Christmas tree and their treats. (Dove loves pieces of candy cane!) It is hard to believe that Dove is only a few weeks away from her first birthday, the time has passed so quickly. Thanks to all who have sent emails asking how she is doing. I have not updated recently as things have been very busy here, but people have still been stopping in to visit her here on her page. She has been weaned for several weeks now, and is doing well. I have not measured her for awhile but she has grown too.

Just born and dried off, and getting fed my colostrum from a syringe.

4 hrs old

One day old, beside Shelby the cat.

I am sooooo tiny.

My eyes are still sealed shut, but I snuggle up to Shelby, she helps keep me warm.

5 days old, my eyes are open now!

Reaching for my bottle, see my nice long neck?

The marking that gave me my name, no Dr. Frits, that is not a hawk!! : )

How is a girl supposed to get a blanket to fit? That is a washcloth on my back for size comparison!

6 days old, lounging around in my bed being waited on hand and hoof...

Visiting Jessica on a Saturday morning - wake up, I want to play!

I know exactly how cute I am too!

12 days old - I have grown to 6.1 kg, and I have "sneakers" so I can walk without slipping. Look out now!!

I am 14 days old, YAY!!!! I will pester anyone I can for pets and scratches.

I run and jump a lot, but just won't let them get a good picture!!

Here I am checking out one of the aquariums. Oscar is a BIG fish!!!!

Mike can try and hide but I always find him! C'mon and play!!!

I have my blanket back on now. It is a wee bit big but keeps me warm as my coat is growing in.

March 19 - At 2 weeks old, the bottoms of my wee hooves are still just slightly larger than a quarter!


March 21 - It's a cold and snowy day outside, but I am warm and cozy watching t.v! Is it time for "Coronation Street"?

Meeting "Wally" the Wal Mart Stud.

So this is what a horse looks like? 

How about some mutual scratching? 

March 23 - We had a very mild afternoon and I got to walk on the ground outside for the first time!

What is this cold white stuff?

I am Lonesome Dove no longer, meet my new playmate Adah!

I can walk...

I can canter...

Adah's new little legs can't keep up with mine.

Adah and I enjoying the warm sunshine...and a small patch of snow free ground.

Family photo with Randy : )

All worn out at the end of the day, but with a comfy pillow to sleep on!

April 3, I turned four weeks old yesterday!

I am nice and warm now, my coat has really grown in.

It's a dreary day today, but Adah and I are having fun anyway.

Well you can try and catch me...

April 9, Five weeks old today, and we have only just passed my "due" date!

No green grass yet but I am enjoying the warm spring sunshine.

I've tired Mike out! If I kiss sleeping beauty, will he wake up and play some more?

Oh yes that's the spot, now just a little more to the left...

I am just waiting for this stuff to turn green.

April 20 - Now it's green...and it is rather yummy!

Ok...isn't anyone going to sing Born Free or something?

June 3 - 13 weeks old and I am about to have my first clip. Before...

...and after. Say goodbye to the woolies!

I am nice and cool for the summer now.

Still small enough that I can stand on the trailer fender!

June 13, playing with Adah - she just had her first clip! We visited the boy's Cadet Corps year end BBQ this evening.

October 2. I have a thick plushy coat - bring on the cold weather!

October 31. I'm ready for Halloween! Hmmm, this thing tastes interesting.

Did you get my best side? 

December 25. My first Christmas! Don't I look lovely in my silver antlers and bells?

Our own little Christmas tree! It scratches my nose when I sniff it!