Mares 3

BF Muskokoas Treherne Spring

Soats Lil Dickens x Soats Lil Society Miss.

AMHA  Foaled March 21, 2000. 28.50" Bay. 


Shauneys Ruby Red Star

Tawny Ridge Just a Star x Sharptails Peanut Butter

AMHA  Foaled May 6, 2003. Chestnut.

Trehernes Dreaming In Colour

Sweetwaters Lil Persuasion x Sweetwaters Canadian Princess

AMHA  Foaled June 5, 2004. Bay pinto. 



Trehernes True Elegance

Chickadee Ridge Double Magic x Blue Ridge O'Reilly Obsession

AMHA  Foaled April 4, 2004. Black.


Trehernes Spotlights Baby Boo

Magnolia Farms Spotlight x Andees Boo T Licious

AMHR  Foaled April 16, 2005.  Bay splash overo pinto with blue eyes. (Baby is owned by our daughter Morgan.)


Trehernes On the Wings of a Dove

BF Muskokas Walkers Bay x Trehernes Summer Breeze Debut

AMHR  Foaled March 5, 2006. Chestnut pinto.


Trehernes Sweet Heart Adah

FFS Heart Breaker x Meadowind Royal Spice

AMHA pending  Foaled March 24, 2006. Black bay.


Trehernes Two Hearts Desire

FFS Heart Breaker x Meadowind Queen of Harts

AMHA pending  Foaled April 18, 2006. Bay pinto.


Trehernes Double Cream N Sugar

Chickadee Ridge Double Magic x Sweetwaters Canadian Princess

AMHA pending  Foaled April 27, 2006. Perlino.


Trehernes My China Doll

Magnolia Farms Spotlight x Chickadee Ridge Frosted Fame

AMHA pending/ AMHR  Foaled May 9, 2006. Black bay.


Trehernes Missed a Spot

Magnolia Farms Spotlight x JEM Little Miss Naughty

AMHR  Foaled May 20, 2006. Black pinto.


Trehernes Diamonds and Rubies

Komokos Dock Adam x Gravnings Pocahontas

AMHR  Foaled May 22, 2006. Chestnut pinto.


Just pets ~ due to health or other reasons, these ladies are just here to love


 Foaled May 8, 1998. 29.25" Palomino


Foaled April 8, 2005. Silver bay pinto