Horses and Ponies

Our large horses and ponies...

Cassidy is Randy's riding horse. She is a chestnut  Quarter horse Appaloosa  cross mare. She is a wonderful and very responsive horse. Definitely Randy's horse though, comes when he whistles, ignores me!!

Smoki is our eldest daughters horse, and is a beautiful  black bay Saddlebred cross gelding.


Casey (Morgans End Treherne Kingcoal) is a black registered Percheron gelding. We have had him since the age of 10 weeks.
Big is a  curious and mischeivous grade pony gelding. He is a lovely bay dun with a dorsal stripe.
Sady is a beautiful sorrel registered Welsh pony.  She has absolutely gorgeous action when she trots. She was our eldest daughters first pony, and since being outgrown, has semi retired. (occasionally ridden by younger siblings) 
Laddie is a sorrel Welsh gelding who joined us just before Christmas 2004. He was given to us by his previous owner, from the same farm where we purchased Sady  his dam (above).
Kahlua is a silver Shetland pony mare. She arrived here in foal and with a filly at foot. She is pictured with her colt Bracken as a 1 day old
Bailey arrived here with her dam Kahlua, as a yearling. She is a silver Shetland.
Bracken was born a few months after his dam Kahlua arrived here. Like his sister and mother, he is a silver Shetland (gelding), and has been known to climb the steps and walk into our house for a treat!
Missy is a bay dun grade pony mare. She was originally a riding school pony, and then spent some years as a companion to a horse. When her old friend passed away, Missy was given to us so that she could live out the rest of her retirement here.

Whisper is a grey Welsh cross pony mare. She was purchased out of a stall where she had been cross tied for several months. Her nickname is the bulldozer, as there is hardly a gate, door or fence that she has not least once!
Pic coming soon Reatta is a beautiful and gentle dun frame overo APHA mare, who was shown successfully in the U.S. Some time ago, Reatta had a reaction to multiple vaccines which caused a condition called uveitis. She is almost totally blind now, and a dear friend has sent her to us to retire here.

Chief arrived from our friend along with with Reatta (above), and has been acting as her seeing eye horse. He is a beautiful black and white  APHA gelding.