Mares 1

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Bittersweets Pandora

AMHA/AMHR   Foaled June 25, 1992. 33.50" AMHR registered name is Havenbrooks Pandora. Silver black. Fishers Blazed Thriller x Bittersweets Misty Moonlight


Brewers Sensational Caleche

AMHA/AMHR   Foaled April 1, 1993. 30.50" Chestnut. Brewers Orion Sensation x Brewers Shalimar.

Sweetwaters Canadian Princess

AMHA   Foaled April 16, 1995. 32.25" Buckskin. Dels Whisper x Sweetwaters Little Chestnut.

Lojax Lucky Lady

Sheep Meadow Sandy x Lojax Delight.

AMHA  Foaled May 4, 1995. 32.00" Palomino. 


Chickadee Ridge Frosted Fame

Little Kings Bionic Buckeroo x Maxwells Frosted Dee Lite.

AMHA/AMHR   Foaled May 30, 1995. 33.00" Buckskin. 


Dell Teras Winning Edge

Dell Teras Topsider x Dell Teras Nola.

AMHA/AMHR   Foaled May 1, 1991. 33.00" Black. 


Kays Violet

Kays Mustang x Kays Taffy.

AMHA/AMHR   Foaled August 23, 1982. 34.00" Silver black. 


ROKO Misty Blue Willow Sabra

Clarks LTD Editions Annihilator x ROKO Misty Blue Willow Princess.

AMHA/AMHR   Foaled June 9, 1998. 33.00" Silver black. 


ROKO Victory SKR Classy Cayenne

ROKO Victory Sonlight Knight Raider x Bertrands Classy Girl.

AMHA/AMHR   Foaled February 5, 2001. 32.00" Chestnut. 


Gravnings Dusty Sugar

Wild Winds Coal Dust x Gravnings Lil Dolly.

AMHA/AMHR   Foaled May 4, 1996. 32.00" Black with roaning. 


Meadowind Queen of Harts

Pandalows Chico x Candy Girl.

AMHA  Foaled July 12, 1993.  32.00" Blue roan 


BF Muskokas Cheeky Butterfly

Big Stars Tonto Pinto x Blue Ridge Gayle.

AMHA/AMHR   Foaled September 8, 1998. 29.25" Silver black pinto.