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Many dogs and other animals have come into our lives over the past 20 years, each one has been a special part of our family, and no matter how long or how brief their time in our home, every one leaves an empty place in our hearts when they go. Many of our pets have been thoughtlessly abandoned by former owners, and I pity these sad individuals who do not have it in them to recognize the love and loyalty that these wonderful animals had to offer, or to have returned that love. Several of our beloved pets passed on before we had this website and memorial page, and do not appear here, but they too will always be remembered as the treasured family members that they were. All the animals remembered here are buried at Treherne farm.


Arriving shortly before the holidays several years ago, abandoned, cold and frightened, Angel quickly became a much loved member of our family, and was especially Mike's cat. She was extremely affectionate and loved to snuggle and purr contentedly on a lap. This beautiful girl may have been unwanted when she came to us, but she was very much loved and appreciated here. She was a true Christmas Angel, both arriving near Christmastime, and also leaving us at Christmastime. She crossed Rainbow Bridge on December 9, 2006.



Bonnie (Runaway Bonnie Blue CKC Reg'd.) was a beautiful Blue Merle Sheltie, who joined us shortly after we moved to the farm. She always had a somewhat aloof personality, but nonetheless was a treasured member of our family. She was quiet and reserved, but sweet and gentle also, and loved to curl up on a sofa, or in a cosy dog bed. In her younger days she was energetic and playful, and my mum, whom Bonnie loved to snuggle up to, lovingly nicknamed her "Little Pee Pot", in reference to her unusually long housebreaking period. Toward the end of her life when she had slowed down a lot, she was a dignified old lady, wandering quietly round the garden (much like I remember my mum doing each morning in good weather) having a sniff here and there, while most of the other dogs romped and played. Bonnie was a quiet joy to us all her life, and it will never be the same here without her. Bonnie crossed Rainbow Bridge on April 22, 2006.


It is difficult to express just how special Heidi was. All of our dogs are special, and much loved, but there was truly something unique and wonderful about the character of this tiny Toy Poodle who was our companion for nearly 15 years. She went through so much with our family, including military postings, the arrival of our last child, the move to the farm, and so much more. She was all of 7 lbs, but for such a small package, she contained so much joy and love. We will always remember Heidi - each time she was freshly clipped, wriggling until she got out of her "clothes", (meant to keep her warm, but always annoying to her) Christmas, which she greeted with the same delight as a small child, her insistence when she wanted a treat, or a warm lap to curl up on, and joyfully rolling in the grass each morning in spring and summer. Heidi was born on January 17, 1991. She crossed Rainbow Bridge on October 27, 2005. We will always miss you sweet little girl.



Thunder (Runaway Days of Thunder CKC Reg'd) was another of the old shelties that we adopted when they retired as breeding dogs. He was a sweet old man, always so gentle and loving, and affectionate with anyone who would stop to give him a pat. He was the sire of our Bonnie, and many other beautiful shelties, but once neutered and part of our family, was also a wonderful companion to us and to our other dogs. Sometimes bringing older dogs into the family is difficult, knowing that their years with us may be short, but we wouldn't have missed this grand old gentleman for the world. Thunder crossed Rainbow Bridge on September 7, 2005.



Given to us by a friend, Chester was a sorrel Shetland who had been through several previous homes, one of which he had been rescued from, starving and close to death. He was a curious but gentle pony, and though he was always well behaved with us, he did so love to torment Casey the Percheron, until he would play with him! Beautiful in looks and nature, this boy always brought a smile, and was very much a part of our family for several years. Chester  crossed Rainbow Bridge on February 1, 2005.




Here was one tiny cat who wrapped himself around the heart of everyone who met him. In August 2004, two wagon loads of hay were delivered to the farm, and as they were being unloaded by tractor, two tiny kittens fell from a bale. Their eyes just opened, these kittens were returned to the farm to be given back to their mother. However four hours later, Randy discovered a third kitten huddled in the bucket of the tractor, and we drove to the farm with him, only to find that they had been unable to locate the mother. We brought the three home with us, and the task of raising tiny kittens by hand began. All three ate and grew well, but one who had a problem with a hind leg, developed some kind of infection after several weeks, which caused chunks of skin to slough off his back end. Romeo, as he had been named for his extremely loving nature, was very sick, but responded well to antibiotics and cleansing of his wounds. The skin and hair grew back incredibly fast, and this little kitten was once again scooting around the house on three legs. The thing that amazed everyone and endeared this little kitten to them, was his incredible spirit and will to live, and the fact that he purred the second you reached for him. Even when he was extremely ill, lying on the table at the vet's office, he purred if anyone touched him. He purred as his wounds were being cleaned, and licked the hands of those who were caring for him. He snuggled up and instantly forgave us for causing him pain. On October 29  however, Romeo was rushed to the vet with a new problem, a urinary blockage, very unusual for such a young cat. Before the vet was able to begin any kind of treatment however, little Romeo passed away in my hands. So many problems were just too much for his tired little body. We were all devastated at losing him, but none more so than Jessica, who had spent countless hours caring for this kitten and his siblings along with her twin sister Morgan. Jessica had focused much attention on Romeo however, and made caring for him a huge priority. If it were possible for love to save an animal, this kitten would have lived forever. Romeo crossed Rainbow Bridge on October 29, 2004.



For the second time in two weeks, we have had to say goodbye to one of our old friends. Teddy (Runaway Teddy Bear CKC Reg'd) a sable sheltie, retired here several years ago at the same time as Tigger (below) and four other shelties. The two eldest passed away within a few months of each other several years ago. We knew that the time was approaching for some of these older dogs, but losing two so close together, and especially with the loss of Farley also earlier this year, has been difficult. Teddy really suited the name of Teddy Bear, as he loved to snuggle on the sofa with us and some of the other dogs when we watched TV. He is pictured here doing just that! Teddy was affectionate and energetic, and was always at our side when outside with us. He was euthanized due to age related illness, and crossed Rainbow Bridge on October 16, 2004.



Tigger (Runaway Tigger Nune CKC Reg'd) was a tri colour sheltie, who retired here to Treherne Farm for her final years, after raising many beautiful puppies for Runaway Kennels in North Bay. She was so gentle and quiet and such a sweet natured old girl, and was very much a part of our family. We truly miss her. Tigger crossed Rainbow Bridge on October 2, 2004.




Farley was a lab/shepherd cross, who was found one bitter cold February night, sleeping curled up right on the highway in minus 40 weather. It appeared that with a few scrapes and scratches, he had been thrown from a car, and was waiting hopefully for his owner to return. Of course no owner came looking...

So Farley joined our family, and what a great dog he was. He was so good with the horses and other animals, and devoted to the children, particularly Morgan. He loved to curl up on her bed at night, and not a single morning went by, that he did not after going outside in the morning, come back in the house and run up the stairs, nose open the door to the twins room, and go to Morgan's bed to check on her. He never woke her, it was just his morning ritual to check on her. This dog touched the heart of everyone who got to know him, there was just something so special about his character. Farley crossed Rainbow Bridge on June 29, 2004.



Maggie was a lovely palomino Quarter Horse cross mare, with a very sweet and gentle nature. Purchased from an auction in June 2001, in horrible condition, we were not sure of her exact age, just that she had been around a good long time. We suspect that the old swaybacked girl had been used as a broodmare, especially when she adopted one of our shetlands and tried to mother him! When we brought her home, we did not think she would live long, but the old girl surprised us and a few months later had gained weight and was cantering around enjoying retirement. She touched all our hearts, following us around for treats, peeking in the back window of our house, wanting us to come out and play! She became buddies with Taz (below) who passed on almost a year before her, and Casey, our Percheron, who is now without both of his dear friends. We wish we could have had her here with us much longer, but are grateful for the 2 1/2 years that we did have with her. Maggie crossed Rainbow Bridge on January 5, 2004, snuggled in the barn, surrounded by her family. Maggie is buried beside her friend Taz.



Laddie (Lochlannas Midnite Laddie CKC reg'd.) was an adopted tri colour sheltie. He came to us at the age of five years, after FOUR previous homes, including one where the owner had commited suicide. Laddie was found faithfully curled up with his owners body.  He also survived being hit by a car before he came to live with us. The first while that we had him, Lad appeared uncaring, seeming to think we were yet another stop in his journey, but as he began to understand that this stop was permanent, he started to attach himself to the family and other pets. Although he was one of several dogs here at Treherne Farm,  Laddie was truly special. He was a very sweet and sensitive dog who would give you a kiss if you said "please" and then give you a second if you asked for "another", and who would worm his way into the bed if there was a thunderstorm! He had the most beguiling eyes when asking for a treat, and was also the favourite of Rebecca's mum (grandma) who spent lots of time here at the farm before she passed away in 1998. In March 2001, Lad required emergency surgery when a tumour on his spleen ruptured. He survived the surgery, but the lab tests confirmed that Lad had cancer. The prognosis was that he would be dead within six months at the most. We enjoyed what we thought would be our final few months with Lad, but the six month mark came....and went! Lad beat that date by one and a half years, slowing down at the end somewhat, but still alert, comfortable, eating and happy.  When he stopped showing interest in food, and began to decline further, we knew it was finally time to let him go. Lad crossed Rainbow Bridge on April 27th, 2003, at age 13, and is buried here at the farm. Sleep well old boy. We are so very glad for the years that we had with you...



Taz (pictured at age 5) was a flea bitten (copper flecked) grey, Appaloosa Arab cross gelding. Taz was Rebecca's riding horse. She had ridden him as a teenager, when he was a school horse. He was shown in his younger years. Many years later his previous owner, Rebecca's former riding instructor, Steve, unselfishly parted with her last and favourite horse, so that he could be with other horses.  He made the trip to Treherne Farm, where he enjoyed several years of semi retirement, and finally two years of complete retirement. He was an extremely gentle and willing animal, who knew how to take care of his rider. He loved his Christmas morning candy canes!!! Taz crossed Rainbow Bridge on February 20, 2003, at the age of 30. 




Dakota was a beautiful and gentle bay gelding. Purchased from the same auction as old Maggie, above, he was a very sweet natured old fellow who was to retire here. He became ill soon after arriving at Treherne Farm, and tests showed that he had cancer. He was with us only a few weeks, and when it became clear that it was time to have the vet euthanize him,  Dakota left, surrounded by the family he had so quickly become a big part of. We will never forget him. Unfortunately we had not yet taken any photos of Dakota when he became ill, and we were so busy caring for him that we did not think to take any. We suddenly realised after the vet had been called to come out to the farm, that we did not have a photo of him, so this was taken shortly before Dakota was put to sleep. Although not a happy photo, he is fat, shiny and happy in our memories, as he was before his cancer became apparent.  Dakota crossed Rainbow Bridge in October of 2001