- Erinn and Breeze - "Put me down, I can't reach the grass from up here..." - Jordan and Big - "C 'mon, I wanna go THIS way!" - Ana- "What do ya' mean I'm too small to pull the sleigh?!" - Breeze - "I'm just sooooooo cute!" - Charmin - The glamour puss!
- Randy and Bracken - Pucker Up! - Goliath -  "slurp" - Randy at Shauney's Driving Clinic - "Who taught you how to drive?!!" - Carnilla and Lady - - Mike - self imposed official greeter of Treherne Farm!
- Morgan and Taz - - Jessica and Big - - Spotlight - "How do you like my Tina Turner impression?" - Tuffy - "Does winter ever end in this place?" - Randy and Jester - "May I have this dance? Hey, quit trying to lead!"
- Boo and Baby Boo - "We're supposed to eat this stuff? But it tastes like grass!" - Whisper - " can whisper all you like, I'm not  listening !" - Laddie's Chair! -(if you want the best seat in the house, you'll have to move the dog!) - Maggie and Casey- "Let  us out! Let us out!" - Mike and Sady -
- Goliath - "Yeah Baaaby!!!" -  - Magic - "They didn't tell me I was moving to Siberia!!" - Minoux - Spaghetti cat!... "Meatball?! What meatball?!" - Missy - "Outta' my way roadblock... Comin' through!!" - Sarah -  "Plain and Small"
- Smoki - "Make sure you get my best side! The real ME!!." - Pandora - People Whisperer!... "Do you think it'll sell?" - Maggie - "NO PAPARAZZI!!" - Hillary and Hamish - "I told you, this is MY end of the sofa!" - Amos - the blue eyed "Siamesle" "Don't bother me, I'm getting my beauty sleep"
- Ellie - "MOM, those people are trying to hug me AGAIN!" - Bronwen - "This place is a nuthouse - no kidding!!" - Isabelle - "Yes I am very beautiful" - Dolly Llama - "These are MY horses. Mess with them and I will have to take  you out." - Mike and Farley -
- Jade - BIRDZILLA!!! "If you come any closer I am going to bite that camera, and possibly your fingers" - Jessica and Kitten - "purrrrrrrr" - Fame - Hey! Where did the guy with the carrots go?" - Jenna - "Honestly, these people are so cheap! Is this their idea of a dog basket?" - Randy and Bun Bun - "Move that TV set, these rabbit ears aren't working!"

- Ty - "Wait for me guys!"

- Samurai - "Be nice to me or my mommy will beat you up."

- Sammy - "In taste tests, 9 out of 10 ferrets prefer Coke!"

- Charmin - If you think I am the next Canadian Idol,  call   1 800 Meow Mix!"

- Randy and China Doll - "If you give me a carrot, I'll let go of your nose!"

OK, if you REALLY want to know what started it all, 

at age 3, Rebecca's father put her on a pony for a photo op. and thus begun a lifelong obsession with horses.....